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Display Board / Lobby Display / Booth Display

Do you need a WOW item for your office, tradeshow booth or customer service area? Looking for a way to provide an interactive or beacon based marketing tool inside your restaurant or retail store? Want to make it easy to update and adaptable to current events or trends? Or what about wrapping a live TV feed in your bar with advertising / sponorships?

We have the solution for you. Eliminate the slideshows and flash drives plugged into smart TVs. Instead turn your TV or display into a live, interative experience for your customers or visitors. Bypass the digital signage learning curve completely with easy-to-use features and robust presentation creation tools for building multi-screen video walls, multi-zone screen layouts and more. PC-Class Performance And Reliability – without the PC hassles
Our dependable solid-state platform delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability.
Designed exclusively for digital signage the system delivers exceptional 4K and Full HD video quality and superior performance that far exceeds anything that PC systems can provide.

Our solution offers a range of models packaged with features and connectivity options for specific applications. Different models range from the entry-level supporting simple looping videos to those offering advanced interactivity, built-in wired or wireless networking for remote content updates, powerful video engine capabilities, HTML5, the ability to play Live HDTV, and true 4K HDR content playback.

All our solutions come with free software for creating and publishing presentations, and a range of networking solutions – providing the complete, secure and scalable infrastructure to serve and support your signage network. User Permissions, IP Streaming, Remote View, Sign Preview, Web UI, Dynamic Playlists, Live Text, Multi-Display Walls, beacon and control systems for controlling screen functions such as power on/off, input and volume through an HDMI connection, are just some of the useful features you get.

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