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Northeast Acquirers Association Mobile App


Since 2016 the Northeast Acquirers Association was looking for a way to get attendees to engage more at the annual event, reduce their costs for printed materials, allow them to make late breaking changes and have an easier way for attendees to get post-event information enmasse.

Using a combination of Flutter, Google Real-Time Databases and push notifications the NEAA mobile app, combines traditional information – sponsors, calendar of sessions, exhibitors, local restaurants, directions – with push notifications for late changes, updates and notifications.

Starting in 2017, NEAA stopped producing the mounds of paper normally used in a conference of this size and moved everything to a mobile app. Updated a few times a year with post-event information and pre-event information, the team at NEAA has made their event management lives easier – while reducing their costs.

Event Planner Mobile Application


Event Planners and Tradeshow Managers have you ever had the following happen?

  • An attendee asks you if the other people from his company are checked in?
  • Someone asks one of the temps about a session discussing “widgets” and the temp has no idea what that session is?
  • Someone gets hurt and you need their emergency contact info and can’t get anyone who can log into the registration?
  • Look at your printed Agenda In Detail in your binder, and realize it’s the old version?
  • Realize there was information which every staff member should know to help resolve some on-site issue?

Technolgy One Group’s Event Planner mobile application was written with these problems and more in mind. Our application
can take many of the day to day issues an Event Manager runs into and give you answers right on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry SmartPhone.

We developed the Event Planner Mobile Application using the following technologies:

  • BlackBerry 10 Native Cascades Application.
  • Secure access to Restful Data Services
  • NFC Badge Scanning
  • iOS and Android versions also available

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