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tideWatch a BlackBerry 10 Native Application


Well it’s been a furious summer here at Technology One. We’ve gotten the opportunity to dive into the development of BlackBerry 10 Applications using the Native Cascades Development Framework, and it’s been a blast! Yesterday we released our first consumer application, tideWatch.


We are still in the business of building B2C and B2B apps, but hey we love the beach, and we wanted a fun project to do a deeper dive into Cascades and how it can help us build highly optimized mobile applications:

  • Offline data caching
  • GPS integration
  • Real-time access to NOAA Tide Prediction Data
  • Multi Tide Stations
  • User customization capabilities
  • Camera integration

We’ve been more than pleased with the results. The Cascades Framework has resulted in a smooth and responsive application. In future posts we’ll go a bit more in depth on the coding of this application.

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