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Product Overview

Engage! is the most flexible and comprehensive Social Networking listening platform on the market today. Whether you wish to “Listen” to your customer sentiments across all social networking systems, or building “buzz” around a new product or service or wanting to measure your company’s social networking influence, Engage! can deliver actionable information to you at the speed of the internet, quickly and accurately.

Regardless of your level of sophistication today in social media marketing and sales, Engage! can meet your needs with flexible pricing and scalable functionality. “Scalable” means we can handle more and more “posts” from your social media sources as your needs grow and as your level of sophistication increases.

Product Functionality

Engage! Listener™ – Listens to the posts in the data feeds from the supported data sources such as Twitter, Facebook and other syndicated feeds, bringing these into our application and maps them to your streams. Once a post is found by our application, it can be filtered for users, language decency, competitive content, or spam. The filtering process then establishes relevant posts for our moderation functionality.

Engage! Moderator™ – Enables moderation to occur around your relevant posts. Our functionality enables both manual and automatic moderation to occur to approve or reject posts. This functionality supports multiple moderators managing your relevant posts and approving those for “delivery” and display.

Engage! Deliver™ – Provides delivery and output of approved relevant posts to your output streams. Our SDN (Social Delivery Network) is flexible, customizable and tailored to your branding and business rules. Whether you are “flashing” approved posts on a big LED screen at the stadium or delivering product sentiment intelligence to your product managers internally, it will all happen at the speed of the internet!

Engage! Analyzer™ – Measures your relevent posts using appropriate metrics for each data source you care about. These metrics help you to determine which channel is most effective for your strategy, while monitoring your company’s social “buzz” around a product launch, a public event, or monitoring your target customer sentiments towards your brand.

Key Features

Multiple Sources – Whether you are into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs or more, Engage! can search these sources for the topics (keywords or phrases) you care most about.

Multiple Streams – A stream is the output generated when Engage! finds posts that meet your search keywords or phrases. With Engage!, you can have multiple streams that are generated for instant website display, “relevancy moderation”, or social media strategist distribution.

Multiple Searches per Stream – A search is a word or a series of words (phrase) that you want to monitor, measure and listen for in social networking. As posts with your keywords and phrases are detected by Engage!, the posts are pushed to one or more of your “streams” for moderation, display or delivery.

Auto-Approval of Users – Your company has advocates, internal or external to your company and if you trust them, then their posts, regardless of the social networking source, can automatically be “approved” to be distributed or displayed thereby bypassing the need to moderate these advocate posts.