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Rent A Double 2 Robot – Telepresence Device

Click here to see our new Double 3 rental units – with assisted navigation mode, 15 MP Dual Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and a all-in-one head unit.

Have you seen us on the news lately?

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Arizona State University – Thunderbird School of Management, using Technology One’s Double Robots for 143 Master’s Graduates

Bride’s Sister & Maid of Honor can’t attend wedding, she attends virtually

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Is your company or event looking for that “WOW” factor to give people something to remember you by? The folks at Double Robotics have taken telepresence to the next level by making it mobile – and now you can have it available on-demand from Technology One.

All our rental devices are the Double 2 devices with more lateral stability and “fast speed mode”.

Our “Double” rental solution allows you to have a complete ready-to-go kit at any location around the country within 48 hours – no costs to acquire the robot, purchase the iPads, train someone on how to manage it and no need to pay to store it somewhere – we have everything ready to go.

By renting a Double Robotics Robot at your next personal or corporate event, you can have someone from a remote location drive through the venue, engaging with attendees other and create a lasting memory for how you are able to ensure people can be where you want them without having to travel anywhere.

Since 2012 our robots have been all over the country – attending dozens of weddings, reunions, trade shows, corporate recruiting events, technology demos, museum openings and even a science competition at a leading university.

Typically it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble the robot and 5-10 minutes for someone to get the hang of driving it. To operate the Double Robotics Robot, all you need is a wi-fi connection for the robot, and either an iPhone 5/6/7, iPad 4+ or desktop computer running Google’s Chrome browser and you are ready to go.

Base Features

  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Motorized height control
  • End-to-end 128 bit AES Encryption
  • Drive from Chrome and Firefox on Mac/PC or mobile via iPad, iPhone, and some Android tablets
Camera Kit Features

  • 720p Adaptive HD Video
  • 150° Wide Angle Lens
  • 4 Megapixel Photo Capture
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • Always-On Floor View
Collaboration Features

  • Multiple Driver Accounts
  • Visitor Pass
  • Screen Sharing (Chrome to robot’s screen)
  • Multi-viewer Video (up to 5 simultaneous viewers)

Features and Options

All our rentals include our full robot kit

  • Base Robot
  • iPad
  • Audio Kit (great for loud environments)
  • Wide Angle Video Kit (see more of the room in HD video)
  • Robot drive-in charging dock (drive in and out and charge the robot and iPad at the same time)
  • Ruggedized Shipping Container with wheels (no trying to carry a 50 lb box using a handle)
  • Step by step instructions

We also have available the 360° Mounting Kit (use it with your Camera) 360 filmmakers and video production crews face the unique challenge of needing to hide the crew and equipment in a location away from the set. Traditional camera dolly systems often require human operators and tracks.

Universal 360 Camera MountThe aircraft-grade aluminum Universal 360 Camera Mount attaches to the Double base using an industry standard ¼”-20 bolt. An iPhone is secured in the mount and the camera operator can drive Double wirelessly from behind the scenes via LTE/4G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

SilenceWhether filming on a controlled set or in a public place, a silent dolly system enables the sound engineers to capture the natural environment. Double has always been designed to operate very quietly, but it’s especially critical while filming.

The 360° kit has been tested with the GoPro Omni. Other camera kits which weigh under 5 pounds and have a standard screw mount can be used (Insta360 & GoPro Fusion are viable).

If you need a 360° camera – we have them available, including memory cards. Let us know your needs and we can supply pricing.

Guided Tour / Docent / Narration / Intercom

We’ve recently added our “guided tour” option. With this, if you are in an environment needing a more one-on-one experience or you are in a quiet environment where the normal speaker / mic option won’t work or isn’t appropriate — then this is the solution for you.

Some recent examples of using the tour / intercom mode:

  • trade show booth with personalized sales or marketing person guided a customer through the booth
  • museum or art exhibit with a docent providing expert information
  • open house / house for sale – with the real estate agent providing an up close and personal tour
  • personal shopper providing live view of clothes and accessories

The kit includes a bluetooth over-the-head wireless headset and a set of instructions on how to use the Double app’s advanced feature. With more than 8 hours of talk time and a quick recharge time – your guided tour can last all day while using the robot. You can also choose to use your bluetooth headset if desired – this gives you the ultimately flexibility.

Marketing Options

Want to dress up your robot and make it a rolling billboard for your event or company? We have just the solution! The piece is attached to 2 lighting units which back-light the marketing piece. We’ve can provide custom printed materials or we can provide the specs for you to print them.. We have created them with logos or with conference badges, etc. We can supply photoshop files for your team to create or do designs for you. Pricing for the printed piece is $225 each and $50 for the lighting kits and consumables. Design services start at $75 for simple layouts.

Rental Options

*** please reserve your robots early as most of our fleet is on the road full-time – the earlier you let us know, the easier it is for us to confirm robots for your event *** We have 3 rental options – daily, weekly and weekend rentals. Your rental starts when the robot arrives.

Daily $350 is designed for in and out type of events. Robot arrives the day before your event and you ship it back the day after your event. UPS Ground delivers Monday – Friday.

Weekly $775 Need it for a few days of meetings or a trade show booth? Take the weekly option

Weekend $520 This is for those weekend events – weddings, reunions, family gatherings. Our robots have been there for dozens of weddings when someone can’t travel from overseas. Robot Arrives on Friday and can be used Saturday & Sunday, return is on Monday.

Military Family Are you a an active duty, reserve or retired military family wanting to connect with your service member? Contact us – we have a special program designed to thank you and/or your family member for their service.

** There is a $100 cancellation fee if you cancel less than 14 days before your SHIPMENT date **


Note – UPS Ground Rates & Charges are increasing December 27, 2023 – The rates below HAVE been updated to reflect 2024 shipping prices and additional charges assessed by UPS.

We ship via UPS Ground from Atlanta (we can only SHIP robots – there are no pickups of robots allowed). If you need faster shipping – call us and we can help. The rental kit can be shipped via overnight and 2 day air as well. Note: At this time – shipping is available to the United States lower 48 states & most of Canada (with restrictions listed below).

Approx Shipping Costs to COMMERCIAL ADDRESSES (each way via ground – residential delivery is higher)
$105 – Chicago, Detroit
$118 – Kansas City, New York City, Houston
$166 – Las Vegas
$176 – San Francisco
$176 – Seattle

2 Day and Overnight shipping is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than ground shipping (see UPS shipping transit time on this page).

Canadian Shipping
Due to shipping time, customs fees and duties, we have had to place the following restrictions on Canadian shipping.

– you must be a commercial or government entity with offices in Canada (or working with one of those types of organizations)
– the minimum rental duration for Canada is 1 week (e.g. no daily rentals)
– We must be supplied a CBSA Letter of Recognition for your event, or additional customs fees and duties will apply (CBSA Letter Details)
– shipping costs will be determined when you contact us

** Please Note ** – An Additional UPS pass-through charge of $85 is added to every rental. This is due to the size of the robot and is assessed by UPS. They classify this charge as a “special handling” fee. If you are delivering to a residential address there is an additional cost from UPS. If you need a UPS pickup at the end of your rental, we are happy to arrange for it – there is a $23 pickup charge per location. If you are delivering this to a Hotel or a conference center, many of those facilities charge a pickup and delivery fee which is independent of any shipping costs – this is charged by the Hotel and not UPS.

Want to see the Double Robot in action?

Watch the following videos to learn about the features and operational capabilities of a Double Robotics Robot.

360° Camera Mount In Action #1
360° Camera Mount In Action #2

Ready to Rent?

Fill out the form below or call us at 770-765-8200 and we’ll get you all the information you need. (if you are a gmail user, make sure you check your spam folder for our response – we typically respond the same business day).